Click on the link below, download and print. When you click on the link you will find the downloaded petition in your download folder on your computer. Get it signed by as many people as possible and return it to one of your local petition stations or to PO BOX 521 Coogee NSW 2034. 


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Register to setup a petition station in your local area

What is a petition station?

A petition station is a shopfront or office that is easily accessible by the general public. Your role will be to distribute blank petitions, collect completed petitions and to provide petitions for signing onsite. Once completed please send the petitions to PO box 521 Coogee NSW or hand them to a designated Stop The Lockout Regional Leader, who will organise a drop off for us. The admin team will communicate with all petition station contacts on a weekly basis.

The benefits of registering your business as petition station:

1. You get to keep fishing in your area.

2. You do not lose the money that fishers bring to your community.

3. You get an opportunity to advertise your business for free to the fishing community on this website and social media.


Click on the link below, to find your nearest petition station.


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